Enhancing the lives of children through travel

Applying for a Dream Trip

Dream candidates can request just about anything related to travel, such as a trip to Washington DC to visit the White House, Walt Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse, San Diego Zoo to ride an elephant, take a cruise to the Bahamas, or something as simple as a fishing trip to the Florida Keys.

In order to receive a Dream Trip through the Jorge Nation Foundation an applicant must meet the following requirement:

The following is a list of some of the criteria and factors considered by Jorge Nation Foundation when awarding a Dream Trip:

  • Dream Trip Applicant (proposed recipient of Dream Trip) must be between the ages of 3 – 18 years.
  • Applicant must have had or currently have a terminal, serious, or debilitating health condition or illness; and provide medical documentation and clearance for travel to desired Dream Trip destination.
  • Application must be accompanied with parent(s)/guardian(s) on Dream Trip.
  • Application or any other family member may not have had prior Dream Trip, or related charitable trip, granted through Jorge Nation Foundation or any other dream/wish granting organization.
  • The Dream Trip Must be the dream of the applicant, not the family or parents.
  • Applicant and Applicant’s family may need to verify financial hardship, which is one of the factors considered by the Foundation.
  • The applicant may select any Dream destination he/she wishes to visit within the United States and Western Caribbean, that, subject to the Foundation’s sole discretion, is within the Foundation’s budget, such as traveling to theme parks, attending a concert, visiting a major sporting event, taking a Disney cruise, visiting a city monument, national park, zoo or sea aquarium. The Foundation’s all inclusive trips usually consist of 3-7 days and can be taken any time of the year.
  • Applicant must be a resident of State of Florida.
  • Dream trip must be completed within one year following their approval. After that time, a new application must be submitted for re-approval by the Foundation.

The Jorge Nation Foundation relies on medical professionals, friends of community and parents for referrals. If you would like to apply for a Dream Trip, please download and complete the application or apply online. If you would like to refer a child for a Dream Trip, please email us at info@jorgenation.org